Custom Suits for Your Competition Needs

Women’s Rhinestone Figure Suits

Judy and Ann make custom-fit 2-piece Women’s Posing Suits for Figure competitions. Prices start at $250 for a decorated competition suit and go up. A plain posing suit is with no crystals is $65 for solid color spandex, $70 for solid color velvet

Fabric in stock will change with availability. Solid spandex and velvets tend to remain easily available, but fancy fabrics with glitter or holographic elements change often depending on popularity. If we don’t have what you want in stock, we can look for it. We use clear plastic clips in the back, no knot tying!

We use Czech Preciosa crystals because with fewer facets they tend to throw light better at a distance – and we know it’s all about the bling!!

This is your competition suit, let’s customize it to suit you!
Although these suits are available for sale, they are simply an idea of what I can do. You are not limited to these fabrics or these patterns!
(you might check the Gallery pages for more pattern ideas)

corona blue – sold

maroon glitter velvet – sold

royal blue velvet – sold

black velvet with gold glitter

red patterned velvet

royal blue spandex – sold

green seascape

black with holographic squares

red patterned velvet