Custom Suits for Your Competition Needs

Rhinestone Shoes

Are you a figure competitor who already has their shoes and would like to step up your shine? What Winners Wear will apply rhinestones to shoes you already have!


Want just the heels blinged? We can do that for $100.

Want the ‘Full Cover’: including the heels and the sides for $100 (wedges are more)

Other options could include a ‘Heel Funnel’ which starts out the full width at the top of the heel but tapers down to a thin line to the bottom for $50

Or add a single line of color down the heel. Or a band of color around the bottom.

There are many possibilities!

Please note: we do not provide the shoe, only the service of accenting them

If you are local to either Judy or Ann, you may bring us your shoes; if that doesn’t work for you, you may mail us your shoes.

Please contact us with any questions you may have!

These are allowed at NGA, NPC, OCB & USBF shows.