Custom Suits for Your Competition Needs

Men’s Trunks

Our bodybuilding competition suits have a 2-piece shaped front for comfort, and sport 1/2 coverage in the seat to show the hard work you’ve done on your gluts.  Posing suits can be made with 1/2″ narrow sides, or  3/4-1″ sides. Fronts are fully lined. For best look: wear them high to the top of your hip (follow the groove on your abs) that way they don’t “cut” across your muscles. If you are local to the Baltimore – Washington, DC – Northern VA area or coming to town for a show, please come in for a free fitting! That way Ann can customize it to fit you and your shape exactly. If you are local to the New England area (around southern NH) or are coming for a show, please come come in for a free fitting! That way Judy can customize it to fit you and your shape exactly. If coming in is impossible, $7 covers Priority Shipping for up to 3 suits! We have fabric in plain swimsuit-style spandex, velvets, shattered glass, metallic looks and more. Check the Fabric page to choose your fabric. Suits for pre-judging should be a solid color, preferably dark, usually in lycra or velvet (except NPC shows, where velvet is not allowed). Evening fabrics can be anything that shows your personality! Paypal or money order only for mail-orders. Please give us about 2 weeks turn around, and we’ll do our best to get them out faster. No returns please (would you want to buy a suit someone else was wearing) unless the trunks are defective upon arrival.














Call for a fitting appointment or to order with Judy, call 603-554-5814. Or email to For a fitting appointment  or to order with Ann, call 301-613-7027. Or email to

If your waist is… Order size:
      28″ – 30″ Small
      31″ – 34″ Medium
      35″ – 38″ Large
      39″ – 42″ X-large

We can make X-Small as well as 2X-Large if you need them, you’ll have to email or phone.

Options: Mention if you want narrow (1/2″ sides) or wider (3/4″ or wider) sides. Also mention if you want a wider, more American cut as our most common style is like a pro/flex cut,  or if you want a small dart in the back, or a small “scrunch”. All these can be customized for you if you let us know.

  Ordering is simple! Contact either Ann or Judy and tell us:

a) the size you want

b) whether you want narrow 1/2″ sides or wider 3/4″ sides  (or any other customization)

c) what fabric you want. check the Fabric page to choose your fabric  or inquire if we have something not shown – our fabric stashes can vary.

d) tell us your preferred payment method

e) don’t forget the shipping address! That’s it! Give us about 2 weeks to get your suits out to you.