Custom Suits for Your Competition Needs

Fabric on Hand

We have lots of fabrics! Choose from:

Blacks, Blues-Purples, Greens, Red-Fuscias-Pinks, Golds-Oranges

 Judy & Ann may have different fabrics on hand, some may not be listed on these pages. If you don’t see what you want, contact us for a custom search.

It is best to wash in cold water, by hand; do not wring dry. If you have a suit with rhinestones, you can remove any soap, tanning product residue and finger prints by gently swabbing each stone with a cotton swab using pure acetone (not fingernail polish remover, that will leave a haze)

Some sanctions are no longer allowing trunks in velvet! Please make sure you know what is allowed or ask us before ordering  (OCB is still fine)